Plush Alphabet Sewing Tutorial

It feels like it has been the year of babies. Every time I go online, another person is announcing their pregnancy! And with all those babies comes more reasons to sew and quilt soft, cozy things for those littles to enjoy. I had a request for a plush alphabet over the summer as a baby shower gift, and they were so quick and fun to whip up, I thought I would show you how!

They are so easy, that literally anyone with any level of sewing experience can make them. And they are great for using up all those scraps we have lying around! Let's get started...

My letters measure around 4" tall, but you can make them whatever size you want, just alter the size of the letters that you print out. The instructions and fabric requirements listed here are for 4" letters, but you can adjust accordingly. It is best to have a patterned fabric for the front, and a solid fabric for the back, so that your little doesn't confuse correct versus reversed letters.

What You Need...

26 pieces of patterned fabric at least 5" square

26 5" squares of solid fabric

26 square of batting or fleece (the thicker your batting - the plusher your letters!)

Printouts of each letter in the alphabet. You can customize your letters by using any font and size you'd like - or mix it up!

Cotton thread (I use Aurifil 50 wt for sewing and quilting)

Some pins and/or Wonderclips

Fabric marking pen

Pinking sheers

Plus the usual... iron, sewing machine, cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter.

Got it all? Let's get to it!

Start by cutting out your paper templates for your letters.

Pair up each patterned top fabric with a solid bottom fabric, and place a piece of batting in between them. Pin your mini sandwich together.

Place your letter template on top, positioning it so that your pattern sits in the direction you would like, and trace around the letter with your marking tool. This will be the line that you sew directly on to.

Take it to the machine! Increase your stitch length - this is going to be a decorative top stitch so you want it to look nice. I usually use a 3.5 stitch length for a happy medium of secure, but pretty.

Sew around your letter directly onto the line you traced. Remove from your machine and bury your threads inside your letter.

Using your pinking shears, cut around your letter, leaving 1/4" to 1/2" allowance around where you've sewn. This gives your letter a clean edge and will prevent fraying. Press with a warm iron.

Voila! You made a plush letter. Now, for the other 25...

See how easy that was? Now all the babies in your life can have their very own personalized alphabet. I made a super simple drawstring bag as a perfect way to gift them. You can find that tutorial here.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. Happy sewing!